Cesar Montecristo's first musical adventures started very early. In elementary school, the school faculty noticed Cesar's aptitude while testing for music and art skills. He was one of only two students chosen to attend a local gifted program, twice weekly. At this gifted musician program, Cesar was taught viola and drums, including his first taste of live performances. He attended this program for three years.

Soon after Cesar started attending the local music school, he met his first true love, the Guitar. On that day, the eldest of his siblings, Peter, proudly announced the purchase of an electric guitar -- shiny, lustrous and with a black finish. The new axe, a 24-fret Peavey Mantis caused Cesar to begin drooling. 

Peter warned, "Mom -- I'm going to hang the guitar up on the wall in my room. Don't let Cesar touch it because he might break it." Those were possibly the worst words that Peter could have uttered. Or as it turns out for Cesar, the BEST. The instant that Peter stepped out of the room, Cesar picked up the guitar. The rest -- as they say -- is history! 

The ensuing fever which struck Cesar was unlike anything he had ever experienced. He breathed, ate with and even slept with the guitar. Yes, you read that right -- "slept with" the guitar. "Obsession" didn't even touch the tip of the iceberg to describe the relationship that developed. Cesar would learn half of the songs on one CD in a single day! (Guitar solos included). All of his spare time was spent in his room, learning everything he could about the guitar. 

It's that passion that brings Cesar to teach. Cesar says it's the joy and determination he learned at a young age which he strives to impart to each and every student he has the chance to impact. Seeing every individual's face light up as they proficiently play their favorite passage from a song is such a reward for Cesar. His teaching style can be described as a combination of technique and motivation to keep each student interested, whether it's learning a new style or mastering their favorite song on the radio. Cesar reminds each individual that learning, though requiring practice and determination, CAN be fun and exciting with every lesson.

Cesar is a current member of the modern rock country supergroup trio, Saints of Havana and can be seen shredding amazing guitar licks at venues all over the world. He currently lives just south of Nashville and enjoys cooking, walking his dog Goliath and spending time creating music in his studio. 


Whether you want to shred fast, impressive licks for your friends or just get better overall, I can help you. All lessons are personalized for each student, making sure you learn techniques and songs that will inspire you to practice and sharpen your skills as a musician.
I teach the following styles:

  • Country
  • Pop 
  • Rock
  • Jazz
  • Classical 
  • And more!!!

The techniques you may learn in your lessons include the following:

  • Finger-picking
  • Flat-picking
  • Sweeps
  • Hammer-ons/Pull-offs
  • String-skipping
  • Alternate tuning
  • Natural harmonics/Artificial harmonics/Ghost notes
  • Volume swells
  • Octave trills
  • Whammy bar tricks
  • Bending
  • Sustaining
  • Melodic Feedback
  • And more!!!